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To provide innovative, revenue producing products for financial institutions.


AFG, a Houston based company, has been providing balloon lending to financial institutions all over the United States since 1999.  AFG is the number one choice in residual based automotive financing today for lenders nationally.


AFG offers an intelligent solution by providing a user-friendly, customized web-based calculator designed to make it easy for financial institutions to offer low payment financing to borrowers.

The AFG Difference

The AFG Balloon Lending program includes technology that is both tailored and forensic. For the lender, the AFG program increases loan yields and indirect/direct loan volume, while offering the consumer lower monthly payments and flexible end of term options. For the dealer, we offer the Dealer Inventory Download (DID), which enables our participating dealers to review the best balloon payment and term for each vehicle in their entire inventory quickly and easily. With just one click, we’ve streamlined the process and transformed sales and solutions at record speed. The information is constantly updated, providing timely, valuable knowledge.

Auto Financial Group has redefined the dialogue of Remarketing. Our vehicle liquidation process is advanced and national, enabling our customers to get enhanced value for each repossession. We have established relationships with an extensive number of premier auction companies in all fifty states which ultimately gives us unmatched, hands-on experience in the market.

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