Brief Video Tutorials

Presenting the AFG Balloon Lending Program to the Borrower*

The videos below will aid in increasing your comfort level when presenting the AFG Balloon Lending Program. You’ll see a Loan Rep speaking to borrowers in different scenarios and answering the most common questions. You can also watch AFG coach a Loan Rep on how to offer the program to all qualifying borrowers.

If your financial institution offers one of AFG’s Excess Wear & Tear or Appearance Protection products, you can see how to easily explain these products, as well.

How to Explain the AFG Balloon Lending Program

How to Explain the Benefits of a Shorter Loan Term

AFG Helps a Lender Explain the Program

How to Address Common Questions

Smart 360° Appearance Protection

Excess Wear & Tear Protection

*Due to the variety of branded program names, AFG Balloon Lending will be used as a generic program reference throughout scenario demonstration videos.