Brief Video Tutorials

Presenting the AFG Balloon Lending Program to the Borrower*

Each borrower is going to be in a different situation and have a different mindset when they come in to get an auto loan through your Financial Institution. During the initial discussion with your borrower, assess their wants and needs. You will find that a lower payment option will always draw interest, it is just a matter of you providing your borrower with the program details that correspond with their situation. The AFG Balloon Program can be the solution to satisfy almost all battles that consumers face when purchasing a vehicle. Introducing the idea of the AFG Balloon Lending program only requires a short set of facts based on what you discover about the borrower.

Borrower is in need of a new vehicle on a tight budget

Borrower is in a constant negative equity cycle but always wants the newest edition vehicle

Borrower wants to get into a longer term to get a lower monthly payment & was burned by a lease program in the past

Borrower comes in to refinance mortgage loan & mentions he will be purchasing a second vehicle in the near future

*Due to the variety of branded program names, AFG Balloon Lending will be used as a generic program reference throughout scenario demonstration videos.