There are several elements integral to consistently obtaining the highest net returns on wholesale vehicle sales. Some of these elements include auction selection, lane placement, and expense control. A unique feature of AFG’s Remarketing Program is how these elements are oriented to address the characteristics of your portfolio. AFG helps your Remarketing efforts by offering you:

  • A highly experienced management team
  • A nationwide presence tailored to fit your portfolio
  • Various selling networks including traditional auto auctions and internet selling platforms that will maximize returns on vehicles
  • A selective auction network of 50+ auctions with preferred sale days, lane placements, run numbers, and fees
  • Favorable, pre-negotiated pricing with auctions, suppliers and sublet vendors
  • Partnerships with highly skilled skip tracing companies. We can offer a team approach that covers all of your asset recovery needs

Why Choose AFG’s Remarketing Program

The AFG Remarketing Program is designed to provide our clients with industry leading financial results wrapped in a package that is both operationally efficient and client friendly. We bring to market each individual asset in a manner and venue where it will obtain the greatest financial return to our client. While most of our competitors use a centralized approach to liquidating vehicles, we know that the only way to consistently achieve maximum financial results is to put each asset in an environment where there are a large number of buyers interested in the type of asset being sold.

Our Goals

Achieve maximum financial results for each individual asset

Move inventory rapidly through the remarketing channel most appropriate for the asset

Exceed our client’s service expectations

Provide the best information possible to help manage your business

Put funds in the hands of our clients within three days of the sale

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