Leasing Program

At Auto Financial Group we focus exclusively on web-based vehicle financing solutions for financial institutions. As a result, we deliver the most compelling and affordable programs available.

AFG now offers vehicle leasing in addition to our very popular walk-away balloon loan program. AFG has chosen specific states around the country where leasing offers a distinct advantage over our walk-away balloon loan program, which has been one of our traditional product offerings.

Leasing makes more sense for some consumers in these states, because sales tax laws are more favorable to leasing, and because manufacturers are willing to offer big incentives to people who lease. Consumers in Florida, California, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania can take advantage of AFG’s new lease program, with more states coming in the future.

Advantages of the AFG Leasing Program

Tax Advantages

One of the biggest advantages to leasing a vehicle involves the amount of sales tax, which varies by state. In some states, consumers pay sales tax on the total value of the vehicle. In others, the buyer only pays sales tax on his or her monthly lease payment, instead of the total cost of the vehicle, which is considerably lower. When you buy a car in Michigan, for example, you pay six percent sales tax on the sales price of the vehicle. But, if you lease a car in Michigan, you pay only six percent of the monthly payment.

Manufacturer Incentives

Another distinct advantage to leasing a vehicle is being able to take advantage of manufacturer incentives. Some manufacturers will use incentives for leased vehicles, which are done on specific models and during specific times. The incentive can drop the cost by as much as $3,000 per vehicle, which will considerably lower a consumer’s monthly lease payment.

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